Simple Steps to Declutter Your Home

Ready to declutter your home? Follow these simple steps to rid your home of clutter and begin living a more organized life.

Gather your organizational tools together. Here’s what you will need:
  • Five Boxes Labeled:

    • Give Away - those items you wish to donate or give away.

    • Sell - Items you want to sell. If you are having a garage sale, you save time by pricing the items as you place them in the box. When the box is full, tape it shut and store it in the garage until the day of your sale. That way when you have your garage sale you will only have to open the box and place the items on the table.

    • Elsewhere - For anything you want to keep but that does not belong in the area you are currently sorting.

    • Mend & Repair - This box holds any items that need to be mended or repaired as well as items that have missing parts or pieces you hope to find matches for elsewhere in the house.

    • Keep In This Area - You will want to remove all items from the area you are working in so that you can clean the area before replacing the items that belong in the room.

  • Trash Bags- for items you want to throw away.

  • Small Spiral Notebook and Pen - to write reminder notes about anything you need to do in regards to organizing your house.

  • Kitchen Timer - for setting your 15-minute declutter sessions.

  • Garage Sale Price Tags - to price items before putting them into the sell box.

  • Packing Tape & Scissors - to seal your giveaway and sell boxes when they are full.

  • Cleaning Supplies - needed to clean the area before putting the keep items back in their place.

So now you have your organization tools ready to declutter your home. Where do you begin? Just choose an area you would most like to see decluttered and organized.

Don’t obsess with finding the perfect area to start, Just Start!

So Let’s Begin – You’ve chosen your room so now it’s time to choose an area in that room you can sort and organize in a 15 to 30 minute session. It helps to choose an area you can see as soon as you enter the room or just start at the left side of the door and work in a clockwise direction throughout the room.

Set your timer, take a deep breath and jump right in. Take items out of the drawer, one at a time and place in the appropriate box or in the trash bag. Remember, the clock is ticking so make your decisions quickly. Repeat to yourself - “if in doubt throw it out”.

Having trouble deciding whether to keep an item? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I used it in the past 12 months?

  • If I needed the item in the future, would I be able to easily replace it at that time?

  • Does this item serve a positive, useful purpose in my life?

If you answered no to the above questions, then place it in the giveaway or sell box or in the garbage bag.

Are you still unsure about parting with it, even after answering no to the questions above? Then place it in a box marked undecided. When the box is full, seal it and mark the date on it. Store it in the garage or attic for six months. If you need something in the box, retrieve the item. After six months get rid of whatever remains in the box.

Use the undecided box as a last resort. Remember, you are trying to eliminate clutter, not store your clutter.

Once you have cleared all items from the drawer or shelf you are working on, clean the area. Then return all items in your keep box to their now uncluttered spot. Restart your timer and begin working in the next area you want to declutter.

By following these steps, you’ll be amazed how quickly your room will be clutter-free.

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I promise to use it only to send you GetOrganized-StayOrganized Updates.