Clean Your Home

From Chaos to Clean in One Afternoon!
How to Quickly Clean Your House Before Your Guests Arrive.

Do you need to quickly clean your home?

Are you expecting company? Are friends coming over for the evening? Is your Mother-In-Law visiting?

Is your house a mess? Are you feeling the stress? Do you think you will never be able to finish it all in time?

Well have no fear! Just follow these quick and simple cleaning steps to get your home company ready in no time.

Step 1 – Gather your cleaning tools

  • Large laundry basket

  • Garbage Bag – large enough to hold all the trash scattered about your house

  • Duster – now is not the time to haul out the furniture polish, you just want to remove the visible dust.

  • Vacuum Cleaner

  • Broom

  • Mop and mopping supplies – you will use these only if your floors are noticeably dirty.

  • Cleaning wipes – for wiping off counters

  • Glass cleaner and paper towels – for cleaning mirrors.

Step 2 – Prepare your home for cleaning

Grab your laundry basket and trash bag and go to front door. Begin in the first room your guests will see. Pick up all the trash from the room – candy wrappers, old newspapers, scraps of paper, etc. Don’t worry about recycling – today you are in a crisis cleaning mode. Quickly gather up the trash and move on.

If you feel you must recycle then throw all the recyclable items into a cardboard box to be sorted later. Right now, you just want to get your house to be guest ready.

Next, put anything that is out of place in the room away. If it is housed in the room, then place it in its proper place. If it belongs in another room, then put it in the laundry basket. You will put all the items that have been collected in the laundry basket back in their correct place once you have finished clearing all rooms.

When you finish clearing a room, move to the next adjoining room. Continue through the house. Do not take the time to organize. You are just clearing the visible areas your guests will see. It may help to set your timer for 5-10 minutes to keep you from spending too much time on one room.

When you have completed the last room, take the trash bag out to the garbage can. Next take your laundry basket and go from room to room placing the misplaced items back in their proper places.

Step 3 – Clean Your Home

Remember you are not spring cleaning. You are cleaning the most visible areas so your guests will see a clean house.

Take all of your cleaning supplies, duster, vacuum, etc to the room where your front door is located. If it is the foyer, then that is where you will begin. If your front door opens to the living room then that is your starting point.

Set your timer for 15 minutes. Then, with your duster, dust all surfaces. When you have finished dusting that room, clean any mirrors that are present. Then Vacuum or sweep the floor. Finally mop the floor if necessary.

When you have finished that room, move on to the next adjoining room and repeat the process. Complete these steps in each room before beginning the next room. This prevents you from wasting time running from one room to another and ensures that the rooms your guests are most likely to see will be clean.

Remember you are not deep cleaning. Don’t move or vacuum under furniture. Don’t use a toothbrush to clean cracks and crevices. Just clean the surfaces your guests will see.

A special note about the bathroom – when you clean the bathroom your guests will be using, wipe the sink and counter, swish the toilet, wipe the toilet seats and polish the mirror. Sweep and mop the floor if it needs it.

If you are having overnight guests, then spend a little extra time cleaning in the bedroom and bathroom they will be using.

Follow the above steps to quickly clean your home. When your guests arrive your house will look neat and tidy. And you will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your time together.

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